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Welcome to Riverside Technical Services, Inc.

In today's highly aggressive business environment, focused technical skills are an important requirement for staying ahead of the competition.

At Riverside Technical Services, we provide skilled technical support across a full range of engineering disciplines.

Our engineers include: systems engineers, software engineers, network engineers, test engineers and others.

This highly skilled group has the combined experience to support most software tools and technologies with specialialized experience in railroad technology, DoD and others.

Whatever your technical needs may be, contact Riverside Technical Services, Inc. first to allow our team of highly skilled engineers to help meet your needs.

Whether you are an employer with an immediate need for specialized skills or an employee wanting to share your talents with reputable local companies, Riverside Technical can help.

Systems Engineers - Help define the system needs for your required functionality, document your requirements, and participate in system validation.
Software Engineers - Analyze and study your system requirements and design software tools and subsystems to meet your needs.
Network Engineers - Participate in the design, engineering, provisioning and troubleshooting of your complex networks, telecommunications systems and sub-systems.
Test Engineers - Testing of all integrated hardware and software on a system to insure that the system meets the specified requirements.
Application Expertise - Our fields of expertise are too numerous to list. Here are a few of the skills we provide: TCL, Perl, WinRunner, SQL, C++, C#, Java, RequisitePro, DOORS, Rational Software, CORBA, Oracle, Versant OODB, BEA Weblogic, BEA Patrol, True Copy, and Shadow disk imaging, WLS, Tuxedo, Versant, Ospace, STL, Xerces, Xalan, XML, Sun Solaris, Windows XP, Solaris Forte Compiler, Windows Visual C++, Borland C++, Rational Rose, ClearCase, Unix, Linux, SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, TDM, and RF based networks to integrate numerous systems such as CCTV, PA, Voice, and Data.
Additional experience with:
Rail System Technology
IEEE, DoD, MIL, ISO9000, SEI-CMM, Six Sigma
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